Bogdan & Van Broeck

Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects are responsible for the Cubes, the Axel & May Vervoordt Foundation and the new Atelier.  In this video the architects share their vision and experiences on the project. It is Dutch spoken whith English subtitles.

An apartment with the essentials of a house

Every home has at least three facades with a gallery porch functioning as outdoor space accessible from the entire house. The project makes maximum use of the strong points of its surroundings: The waterside location and the link to the industrial heritage. This is achieved by aligning the vantage points with the village squares, architecture and water.
At the same time we aim for a harmonic relation between public and private space. For that reason carefully chosen openings are left between the volumes providing views on the silos, the water and intersecting village squares. This leads to the very core of this design: "rooms with a view".

Architecture as a window on the world

This principle is applied on different scales. From an urban development point of view, the spaces between the units are conceived as outdoor rooms and their surroundings. Architecturally the assignment of the unit functions and the position of the windows are designed in such a manner they optimize the view and make maximum use of the sunlight but without compromising privacy.

Unique apartments in a coherent unit

Loggias with high windows create in each unit a large indoor winter garden and an abundance of daylight. By variations in plan shape and type and the separate effects of each façade, every Cube is unique and identifiable within a larger coherent whole.

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