Bogdan & Van Broeck

Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects are responsible for the Cubes, the museum of the  Vervoordt Foundation and the new Atelier.  In this video the architects share their vision and experiences on the project. It is Dutch spoken whith English subtitles.



Buildings on the site by The Cubes provide a high quality of living and life. That's why Bogdan & Van Broeck imported the classic elements of properties accessible from street level into the compressed typology of the apartment.

Winter garden
The distribution of functions within the Cubes and the position of the window openings, are designed to provide optimal views and sunlight, while preserving privacy. High glazed voids spanning two floors, accessible from all over the house, secure for each Cube a large indoor winter garden and an abundance of natural light.

Room with a view
At the same time Bogdan & Van Broeck strive for a harmonious relationship with the environment. To that end, they are leaving carefully chosen openings between the structures, which ensure framed life pictures the other buildings, to "At the Edge of the World", to the canal and to the squares and passages in-between.

The Cubes have been essentially designed as rooms with a view, as "windows to the world". This general principal is generated onto different scale levels. On an urban scale, the spaces are conceived as outside rooms with a view towards each other and towards the surroundings. The architectural level distributes the functions within the unit and positions the windows in such a manner, that optimal views and penetration of sunlight are combined with the preservation of privacy for all inhabitants.

Two level windows with internal voids guarantee an abundance of light within each unit and a practical use of a winter garden. In summer time, an innner terrace can easily be obtained, since these enormous windows open completely. Due to the variations of duplex units and voids, the assymetric build-up of the units and the unique and playful rythm of openings in the facades, each unit becomes a unique and distinctive part within a coherent whole.