Master plan

A high quality urban complex

The ambition of the Kanaal Project is to transform the current single-function site into a high quality urban complex for mixed living and working, supported by some additional facilities.

Relationship with the environment

Besides the internal added value, the project also seeks to reinforce the relationship of the Kanaal Site with the environment . Three surrounding spatial structures are decisive in this respect:

  • The contradiction between the constant swell and the peace of the Albert canal, within its straight banks.
  • The green Schijn valley that connects Antwerp with its outskirts
  • And the residential area with villas, hidden between the rich woods which surround the site

Through improved accessibility and renewed contact with the water, the site will become a development centre for living and working and provide added value for the neighbouring residential area.

Stratification over time

The iconic historical and industrial character of the site and the powerful, strange typology of the buildings, form the project guidelines for further development of the site. The positive characteristics are enhanced, the negative ones removed. By means of contemporary architecture, the new transformations and additions carry on the stratification over time.

From vision to realisation

The urban development plan, designed by Jens Aerts , is a strong framework for the proposed spatial and functional development of the site. It indicates the subprojects and defines the shells for the buildings and the various outdoor spaces. To work out the plan in a high quality manner, architecturally speaking, three renowned architects were selected plus one landscape architect for the outdoor space.