Michel Desvigne

Michel Desvigne Paysagiste is responsible for the landscape. In the interview, he explains how the industrial site Kanaal will be transformed into a green area. He clarifies how nature will be the element that both connects the different architectural developments and at the same time provides a balance. French spoken with English subtitles.

Atmosphere of unified diversity

The Kanaal Site is strongly marked by its colossal silo's and massive buildings. To create a peaceful work and living environment the industrial character is softened. In his well thought-out landscape plan Michel Desvigne integrates offices, workshops, residential and exhibition spaces and creates a unique atmosphere of unified diversity by installing courtyards and green plantations.

Desvigne makes sure the site seamlessly integrates with the surrounding, by visually anchoring the Albert Canal and Stokerijstraat.

For more information about the office please go to www.micheldesvigne.com
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