Stéphane Beel

Architect Stéphane Beel is responsible for the Silos and the Tower. In this video below he  shares his vision and experiences on the project. It is Dutch spoken whith English subtitles.

Buildings on the site by Stéphane Beel Architects are at high altitude
The re-shaping of the Silo Building is a delicate task. On the one hand, the massive silos must be preserved as a beacon within the locality. On the other hand, the new interventions must meet contemporary demands for light and view, comfort and safety. This duality brings out the best in Beel.

Ambitions of the architecture:

Conservation of the interspace and  massiveness of the gray silos, with creation of light and views. One vertical circulation for all living units.
Units with sun & view at the Albertkanaal Maintain the existing structures and foundations and the Karnak space.

A new square structure
He removes a section of the two central cylinders at a height of 31 and 28 meters. He replaces this with a new translucent, square structure. The other six silos are fully retained and fitted out with smaller openings, which follow a structural logic and which frame specific panoramas.

This intervention creates living units, each with three circular enclosed spaces and one square open space. This openness makes the square space, centrally located in the house, suitable as living space and/or kitchen.

A new volume
The existing white silo's will be replaced by a new volume that is build on top of Karnak and that is carried by new steel beems. All this preserves the space and allows to use the existing foundation.

The new mass is clad in white/natural wood which clearly contrasts with the existing gray silos. The glazing is in silvered/white coloured reflective glass in light-coloured wooden joinery.