Unity and diversity

Unity and diversity are the hallmarks of the Kanaal Project. The uniqueness of the historical heritage has priority. It is protected by the conversion and further accentuated.


Within that unity, a clear diversity is created that affords the site dynamics and quality of life. By means of the positioning of the buildings, a number of core areas and "village squares" have been created, each with its own atmosphere.The result is a true "countryside city" in which to live - complete with supporting facilities - and to work in a sustainable and relaxing environment .

Living experience for young and old

The Kanaal site will be a rich mix of all walks of life, the various atmospheres of the different units and village squares guarantee that the site feels like home to anyone. Despite the contrast with the unity in the existing structure, the flexible use of space and the varied choice of materials in the architectural interventions add to the diverse aspect of the living units.

The individuality

The uniqueness is enhanced by the entire freedom of design by the inhabitants. In that way every owner reinforces his life quality and treasure his individuality within the unity.