The perfect location

The Kanaal Site is located optimally between the centres of Schilde and Wijnegem, and constitutes a complete neighbourhood outside the urban area, in a soothing landscape of water and green.

Kanaal Omgevingsplan

Water and greenery

The robust industrial buildings of the Kanaal Site contrast sharply with tis natural surroundings. Above the peaceful waterfront of the Albert Canal, the sky-scraping structure onto the valley of the Groot Schijn, a sea of green. On the opposite site, the Antwerp skyline with the Cathedral and the Boerentoren beacons, offers astonishing and breathtaking views.

Softening the contrast

Appropriate interventions in the landscape and contemporary additions to the unique ambience of the industrial heritage soften the contrast between the Kanaal Site and its surroundings. The well-balanced structures blend together by the overwhelming greenery, into softer space apt for habitation.

A good operating base

The Kanaal Site is very easily accessible. The slip road to the E34-E313 motorway is nearby. The Antwerp Ring Road, the E19 towards Breda and the centre of Antwerp are only a 15-minutes' drive away.