On site

Improving living and working comfort

Diverse supporting functions embedded in the Kanaal site, shall increase the comfort of inhabitants and users on site as well beyond its borders.

Living and working outside the city

In the first place "soft" functions that fulfill our daily basic needs will be attracted, such as a bakery, a grocer, a domestic caterer and a bistro&restaurant. For the health section is taking into account a doctor, a physiotherapist, a pharmacy and a wellness centre.

In addition, services which counter the contras of living outside the city are foreseen ; a door-keeper, a laundrette and a child-care. The chapel within the site's borders, will be restored and receives a multi-functional purpose.

Axel & May Vervoordt Foundation

The idea to rise the Vervoordt Foundation came to life during the set-up of the Venetian biennale of 2007. The Foundation is planning to organise exhibitions with international tentacles and will expand accordingly. Kanaal includes several buildings where a part of the permanent collection of the Foundation can be sheltered and where rotating exhibitions can be held.

Parking space

Underneath the Cubes, atelier and Tower an underground parking lot is foreseen, with more than 300 parking lots and 50 storage rooms for the inhabitants and users of the kanaal site. The parking will be directly accesssible from the major parts of the site trough elevators or underground corridors. Visitors to the site can park alongside the Stokerijstraat and will enter the site from the main entrance in between Escher and Waterhuis.