Massiveness and tranparancy

The Tower of Stéphane Beel acts as a counterbalance to the Silos at the counterposed edge of the site. It is a polyvalent skeleton-structured building, which can offer space for showrooms, galleries and offices.

Overview of the building:

  • Hight 30 meters
  • 7 floors
    2 elevators and 2 staircases, connected to the underground parking and facility areas
  • surface per level 500m²


Functionally as well as visualy, the building acts as a hallmark for the Kanaal site. The tower is being read as an impressive but translucent volume in white concrete, with scharp-edged outlines and outer structures. Its massiveness is also linked with the Pakhuizen.

Variations and shifts
The Tower's wide openings are lightening the spectators' massive prejudice, which soon is making place for a final and special transparent impression. Subtle structural variations and shifts, accentuate the openings in the facades, which finally enhance the volume. The edged drawings of the walls are accentuated by the inner slim window structures.

Storeys' plan
Surface of the storeys' is 500m².  The room height is 2,95m and on the top level 3,60 m.